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Isabelle "isasouri" BAZIN

Photographer of life and happy people

isasouri, your story in your image

Hello, I’m delighted to meet you here. I’m isasouri, photographer of happy people.


isasouri comes from the first syllables of my first name, Isabelle, and my maiden name, Souriment.


Professional wedding and family photographer in the Gers. I’m available in France and abroad.


I like the documentary approach to keep a trace of images to form the framework of your story.


My Story

Who am I?


At 14, I was taking photos without film, just to frame moments and train my eye. At 16, I spent a lot of time in the darkroom, loving the magic of black and white revealed in the red of the room. At 18, I moved to England as a fan of underground music and free thinking. At 20, I did my first report in The Observer on suicides in prison. Then I turned to art out of a need to express a deeper, more singular vision. Photojournalism and art have elevated my approach to life.  All this nourished me. I spent 12 years in England, a country that nurtured me through encounters and studies.

The Gers and Brittany

In 2020, after a long trip to India, I put a needle on a map, closed my eyes and landed in Toulouse. I fell in love with the Gers and with Pascal, a wonderful man, himself an artist and musician. On a whim, we got married in 2010. 2 years later, I became a wedding photographer… Photography, art and philosophy are my pillars and elixirs of youth. My love affair with photography began in Brest, where I was born. My childhood was spent in Brittany, in Brest, in Trézien, then in Le Conquet, a small fishing port in Finistère at the end of the world. Even though I live in the Gers, Brittany remains a great source of inspiration, and I love its wild and sincere side.

Photography, a passion for me

On the darker side of my story, I lost my father and then my sister far too young. It was at that age, around 13, that I began to want to stop time and build a poetic memory to keep them alive indirectly. I began by taking photos without film, what mattered to me was capturing a powerful moment to remind myself of its importance. Photography is a passion for me, it’s my source of inspiration, my raison d’être, it expresses seeing and thinking. As you can see, photography is my great love affair.

Starting out in the hairdressing business

I embarked on a career linked to the fields of aesthetics and hairdressing: six years in Quimper, then in Brest, then in England at Harrods à Londres, which inspired my first artistic expressions and laid the foundations for my passion: photography of all kinds for all things.

Hairdressing taught me how to show people off to their best advantage, while giving me the financial resources to pay for my studies in photography at the London College of Printing, then at l’Université de Bournemouth, followed by studies in Goldsmiths, University of London, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree.


Finally, I became a photographer 🙂

I loved my 12 years in England, full of experiences and creations of all kinds.

After completing my studies, I exhibited as a artist and at the same time, I photographed works of art for the chez Christie’s. At the same time, I was a photojournalist for the press, which I continue to do as a photographer. member at Hans Lucas.

When I came back to France after 12 years in England (I moved to the Gers for love in 2004, where I got married in 2010), it was the catalyst for me to specialize in wedding photography.

I’ve travelled to many countries, worked in a variety of professions, before finally devoting myself entirely to the art of photography.

My motivations

Tell your story in pictures

Because you’re unique, your story is unique.


Quality photojournalism is all about capturing the right moment – that revealing moment that illustrates your story, so you can remember it!


According to your wishes, I can travel anywhere in France or abroad.


If my style and approach resonate with you, contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

My inspirations

Capturing life

A good report is an assembly of strong images that will make you relive your unique moments. This is what we call storytelling.


I capture the moment, those special little moments that will make you relive what’s important to you, to remember your highlights and your loved ones. All this to build your story of tomorrow and continue your visual heritage.

Life style

What I like

Living, loving, laughing

I love:

  • Art and travel
  • Strawberries and the sound of vinyl
  • Shared happiness
  • Wide open spaces and the wind in my hair
  • Warm colors and happy laughter
  • Vintage with love in the air
  • Rounded edges and natural smiles
  • Crazy shoes and sweet kisses
  • Simple, fun images sparkling with happiness
  • Sunsets
  • Capturing time
  • Contrasting light and dark parts of the story, like the lights and shadows that make up the image

I like to dance and I laugh easily.

Don’t like::

  • Arriving late
  • Time goes by too fast
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