Domaine des Grillons Wedding

Today I bring you to the Domaine des Grillions, a beautiful place in the Drôme Provençal. 

For their wedding Camille and Martin wanted a sensitive and fun wedding photographer. They found me through a recommendation from a previous wedding I had done in Toulouse. Both come from Singapore and are originally from Denmark and France. They had been putting off their wedding for two years because of Covid. At the last moment, they finally found an available date. They fell in love with the Domaine des Grillons, a beautiful place surrounded by nature. Their original date was in June but it was still impossible in June 2021 to have a big wedding because of the health crisis. Ideally they dreamed of lavender, but there was none in the fields by the end of July. The main thing for them, after many adventures, was to be happy to get married there, finally surrounded by their relatives from all over the world! They still enjoyed crickets, lots of love, wind, dreams, rain, emotions, parties, everything to celebrate their love, surrounded by their loved ones on 30 July 2021.

I arrived on Friday and it was the first time we met in real life after several visio. Camille & Martin are just fabulous and the flow was great from the first few minutes! I took the opportunity to do a mini “engagement” session of them for about 15 minutes as there was still so much to do before their wedding. I’ll show you a bit of it here but I’ll probably do another article to show you more because I want to show you their wedding first. The weather turned stormy and the meal around the pool had to be moved to the barn at the bottom of the property. Il y a eu beaucoup de vent dès le vendredi et on croisait tous les doigts pour que la pluie n’arrive pas pendant la cérémonie. The rain started at the beginning of the cocktail party and we didn’t have enough time for couple and group photos. They preferred to be with their guests and so much for the official photos, so I only did photojournalism. 

They had chosen this place because it rarely rains in summer in the Drôme Provençale. Even in the rain they celebrated, which did not change the charm of this place surrounded by mountains and nature.  You will see towards the end of the cocktail party the state of her dress! Fortunately, she had planned everything! 

The saxophoniste, Rayansax and musicians, Sofia, Clemence and his band really set the scene. It was a fabulous wedding, the Danes really know how to party! I stayed there until 2am, starting around 1pm. 

Throughout the reportage I will give you more details. In the meantime, let’s have a look at the pictures. As I speak, they are expecting a happy event and we wish them all the best.

Wedding photographer in Drôme Provençale

Service providers, flowers and beauty care

Planning their wedding was not easy. The dates have constantly changed. Camille’s dress was made by a designer who had a burn out during the covid crisis. Unfortunately, this covid will have cost many providers and couples dearly, both mentally and financially. For the record, Camille had to find another designer to finish her wedding dress and you will see towards the end of the reportage that the dress was quite fragile. But that didn’t stop her from celebrating and keeping smiling and happy until the end of the night… with a simple new dress!

The florist, Nathalie de Murmur & Natipi came from Annecy to bring her bouquet and her beautiful floral decorations.

Camille was made up and styled by the talentedRose Poudre Institut et Cathy Coiffure à Domicile.

Cocktails around the pool as the wind picks up and the rain starts to fall. The atmosphere is set ablaze by the crazy notes of the saxophonist!

Dinner and evening

A Danish custom

During the evening the witnesses cut off Martin’s socks, this is a Danish custom. It is traditional to cut a hole in the groom’s sock at the time of the wedding, as a sign of fidelity. Thus, the groom with a hole in his sock is seen as no longer being able to attract other women and not attractive enough for them to be interested. I thought it was lovely but they didn’t warn me when they were doing it so all I got was the result of her toes sticking out of her holey socks. Don’t hesitate to come and see me when there are surprise , events like this, because it’s part of the magic of a wedding and it’s good to laugh and learn about other cultures.

Wedding photographer at the Domaine des Grillions in the Drôme Provençale, I look forward to your ideas and our beautiful exchanges!

Now it’s your turn to tell me about your wedding or to leave me a comment! (but yes, yes, don’t be shy). I will follow you here in the Drôme, in the Gers, in Brittany, in Marseille, abroad and wherever you go. I would follow you for moments of eternity…