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Your portraits

Your session is you!

The concept is simple: you pose as a family of heart or blood to 3, 4 or 5 with your pet or Teddy Bear in front of a background in my studio,outside or at your home. Everything is allowed, YOU choose, it’s up to YOU.

I am portraitiste de France since 2017, all this to say that I will be able to put you in the light even if you hate having your picture taken because it is an experience above all! A good photographer will instinctively find your best profile!

According to the feedback from all my clients, even the most sceptical ones liked the experience and the result. So why not you?

How does a session work?

After thinking about what you want. I welcomes you to the studio or elsewhere to take your photos. Depending on the weather outside we choose a place and an atmosphere you like.

If it’s at the studio, no worries about the weather, the sessions take place at my studio in Goutz. In any case you come with the clothes you like, just try to be coordinated. We still avoid marks, small dots and stripes because what is important to see is you! I attach more importance to the naturalness of your expressions, to the spontaneity of your emotions, for authentic portraits that are true to your personality. I offer different formulas depending on the type of session you want.

The length of a shooting varies between 45min and 2 hoursaccording to the age of your family members.

What is the investment for a portrait session?

As it is difficult to talk about prices, whether it is for your family photos, single portrait, pregnant woman, corporate portrait, I have studied a basic package that applies to all types of sessions:

  • A session on a 45 min base is 90€ with a free file and a private gallery in all my sessions.

Each package includes a private gallery with a choice of 20 to 50 photos.

  • Then I propose digital files which are à la carte and which go from 10 € to 25 € according to its size (low, medium or high definition). I also offer prints and albums.

As you are unique and each session is unique we can then determine if more time is needed. The newborn sessions, for example, will last longer because they are done at baby’s pace. A minimum of two hours is required for children under 3 months of age.

Would you like to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact me. Below is a link to gift ideasif you also want to please 🙂

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isasouri, (Isabelle Bazin Souriment) is specialized in weddings, portraits, family, boudoir, corporate
Photo studio in Goutz in the Gers near Auch, Toulouse, Fleurance and Lectoure.

Why beautiful portraits are important:

  • You are leaving a real family legacy to your children, grandchildren, relatives, lover….

  • You will be proud to see them in your home

  • Using professional photographers is a guarantee of quality

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