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You like my approach, my style, I would be delighted to discuss your project with you. 

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You deserve that I take good care of you, that’s why I need some information about you and your project. Don’t be shy, I’m listening to you. This space is reserved for you.

Give me as much information as possible, you can for example tell me your story, it can be about your dream wedding, where you are getting married, when and how many guests you expect,…

I will reply within 48 hours, please contact me again if you have not received a reply.

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Here are some questions/answers to help guide you

When and how to block the date for the coverage of your wedding?

As soon as possible 😉 I am often booked more than a year in advance and Saturdays go very quickly, so don’t delay!

Contact me as soon as your wedding day is set. Your date is reserved for the signing of the reciprocal commitment contract with payment of the deposit.

I will be your only contact, from our first meeting to the delivery of the photos.

Before the wedding :

We can meet at my studio in Goutz in the 32, or by Skype. What is important is to get to know each other a little before your wedding, the right connections give birth to beautiful images, as trust is naturally established.

I am also here to advise you, to plan, to give you good addresses if you wish 😉

As soon as you have booked, an exchange begins where we discuss the details in greater depth. At each stage of the preparation of your wedding, we communicate by phone, email or WhatsApp and a few days before your wedding we call to see together the last details taking into account the weather of the D-day.

I like to arrive during the preparations, it’s a different moment from the rest of the wedding and I think it’s important to capture as it completes the reportage with photos with your closest friends. It’s good to allow at least 2 hours of time to do it right.

I like to be discreet to capture the natural. Being there, without being visible. I have been described as having a simple, natural and reassuring presence. My priority is to reveal the atmosphere of the day. I capture with attention the emotions, the exchanges, the looks, the joy and the fun moments… “I love it”… with a documentary, artistic and benevolent approach.

The couple photos can be more elaborate depending on your wishes and the time we have. Above all, I like to capture what is most sincere and beautiful about you in a very natural way. I will put you at ease with simple methods that I will explain to you.

Even if you don’t like to be photographed, don’t worry, you’ll have a great time, all my clients can attest to that. 99.90% of people admit to me that they don’t usually like themselves in photos and now they finally do! Phew 😉

I am above all your best friend of the day for a report in all sincerity 😉

On the day of the wedding I will also advise you on the best locations for the couple’s photos, group if there are any and any other details. Repose-vous sur moi, j’ai l’habitude des mariages. I will choose the best moments to take your photos according to the light and the time available.

Your digital photos :

In the following days, I will take care of your photos. I can even send you some of them the next day if you ask me. This is when I select and enhance your images: tones, contrast, B&W if you like!

Your private gallery :

A few weeks later, I send you the link of the private gallery that you can share with your guests with free download with the possibility to make your prints with the best pro labs.

Your thank you cards:

I propose you a model with your photos and your sweet words. As soon as it is approved, I send the artwork to the printer: you receive them directly at home and all you have to do is send them to your guests!

Your Albums :

There is nothing better than having a printed album in your hands to fully appreciate your images, relive those magical moments and share them with your family and friends…

For your photo albums, once you have made your selection, I will send you a model to validate before printing.

And why not give some to your loved ones, what a great gift!

Digital files are volatile, fragile, in 5 years, the technology will have evolved again…

The paper format remains the safest way to keep your memories… And it will constitute your family heritage, in many years it will certainly be your children who will have it in their hands!

Are you hesitating? You can choose your albums after your wedding 😉

An option for fun photos of you and your guests in groups or alone.

A photo studio is set up with a flash and remote control connected to the camera and a background or room decor.

Either I or the guests take the photos.

Your guests express their comedic talents and leave you with memorable and hilarious memories that you will share together. I have a lot of disguises at your disposal!

You can also have your costumes and background if you have a specific theme: it can be a “beach” theme with crazy buoys and Tahitian umbrellas… or a Star Wars decor, let your imagination run wild, guests are fans of surprises!

This is an optional session for lovers on some of my collections: a session of one to two hours just for you, to have fun, to find yourself, to recharge your batteries and give visual meaning to your commitment…

This is a useful and effective first approach to getting to know yourself in order to be even moreready for the big day… We can also make a day trip if you have a crazy project 😉

And why not use these photos for your guest book, save the date, invitations, decoration or on your blog specially created to announce your wedding…

And if you want to see some examples, you’ll find them on my page of the “WPJA”, Wedding Photojournalist Association, in the Diamonds Awards. category.

There are several optional versions, the “Day After” or the “Trash the Dress”…

It’s a couple session after the wedding, relaxed, wherever you want, at sunset and/or sunrise… at the sea or in the mountains, where you first met…

There are plenty of reasons to take couple photos after the wedding because you will be more relaxed, more in tune because it is your moment, really yours 😉

On the day of the wedding, you may feel more like being with your guests than spending an hour taking photos of the couple: the “after session” allows you to really concentrate on taking the photos you dreamed of!

DESTINATION WEDDING – Escapade or Elopement –

Mixing business with pleasure!

You have plans to get married abroad, you have a crazy plan, an idyllic place!

Together we can create your dream project…

Do not hesitate to ask me for a personalised quote, I will be happy to imagine the best for you.

YES! As soon as the report is finished, the images are saved on two hard disks and are kept for a minimum of 3 years.

Yes, of course, you have free use of all the photos for use in a family circle. For information, the photographer keeps the copyright.

If you want to publish them on a social network or a blog, just credit my name: photo©isasouri

It is entirely possible to create a package according to your wishes, your needs and your budget.

My services start at 500€ in low season, including a batch of the best high and low definition photographs.

I invite you to contact me for a customised quote.